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Treatment for Sinusitis

“Dr. Rajeev Nambiar has very patiently listened our problems and based on that he decides on the treatment. I am suffering from Sinus and pheranjetis…i was having headache most of the days and it even started affecting my singing. I got to know about Dr. Rajeev Nambiar and with in a week of treatment itself my headache completly gone and found improvement in my sinus and throat problem. Thank you so much doctor for the help and great support.”Madhu Nair

Sinusitis, or a sinus infection, arises when the sinuses’ lining becomes inflamed or infected. These hollow cavities in the facial bones, surrounding the nose, are lined with a protective layer of mucus, trapping airborne particles.


When inflamed or infected, sinuses can become blocked and congested with mucus, leading to symptoms like nasal congestion, headaches, facial pain or pressure, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, and reduced smell or taste sensation. Various factors contribute to sinusitis, including viral or bacterial infections, allergies, and structural issues like deviated septum or nasal polyps.

For effective relief from acute and chronic sinusitis, consider the renowned Dr. Rajeev Nambiar’s Advanced Ayurveda as the best Ayurvedic clinic. Our proven medication regimen, incorporating nasya therapy, ayurvedic medicines, and tailored diet recommendations, has successfully treated numerous patients with sinusitis.

Experience relief from sinusitis symptoms and regain optimal health with specialized care at Dr. Rajeev Nambiar’s Advanced Ayurveda, where our holistic approach ensures effective treatment and lasting wellness.


Delaying the treatment means extending the suffering

The early you start, the early you get back to a normal healthy life.