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Treatment for Heart disease, Peripheral arterial

A blockage in the artery is mostly caused by plaques developed in one or more arterial branches of heart or any peripheral artery. The Plaque (fatty deposits) build up in your arteries is called atherosclerosis. These deposits are made up of cholesterol, fatty substances.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a condition that occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the legs and feet become narrowed or blocked. This narrowing or blockage is usually caused by a buildup of plaque inside the artery walls, a condition known as atherosclerosis.

As a result, the blood flow to the legs and feet is reduced, which can cause pain, cramping, numbness, and weakness in the affected limb. People with PAD may also experience difficulty walking or climbing stairs, and in severe cases, there may be a risk of tissue damage or even amputation & Chest pain.

chest pain

PAD is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide, especially those over the age of 50 who smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or a family history of heart disease. Other risk factors for PAD include obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and a history of cardiovascular disease.

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Delaying the treatment means extending the suffering

The early you start, the early you get back to a normal healthy life.