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Treatment for Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

Treatment for Avascular Necrosis (AVN)

My Name is Varsha. Since 2012, I was suffering from  AVN (Avascular Necrosis) of Hip joint. I was un-able to walk straight and  there was severe pain on my hip joint and spine. Orthopedic doctors have suggested surgery and total hip replacement. I visited Dr Rajeev Nambiar and started treatment and undergone therapy and taken medicine for few months. Slowly I found relief in pain and movement of my joints have improved and I am able to walk straight after that.

Now, after about 3 yrs, recently I have visited again for my knee pain. After the treatmnt for 2 weeks I am feeling much better now. Thanks to Dr.Rajeev Nambiar and staffs.” – Varsha Take

Avascular necrosis (AVN), also known as osteonecrosis, is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to a bone is disrupted, leading to the death of bone tissue. This condition can occur in any bone, but it most commonly affects the hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle.
The lack of blood flow to the affected bone can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, trauma, excessive alcohol consumption, long-term use of corticosteroid medications, and certain medical conditions, such as sickle cell anemia and lupus.
The symptoms of AVN vary depending on the location and extent of the affected bone, but they can include pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. In severe cases, the affected bone may collapse or become deformed, leading to further complications. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for managing symptoms and preventing further complications of AVN.
We have treated a number of patients having AVN. The treatment includes ayurvedic medications to manage pain and inflammation, physical therapy to maintain mobility, and diet recommendations to reduce the symptoms and overall health.

Delaying the treatment means extending the suffering

The early you start, the early you get back to a normal healthy life.